Background Info
tv shows DuckTales (2017)
Video games
Voice actor/actress Michael Chiklis
Personal info
Full name
Personality Prideful, short-tempered, sore, stubborn, boastful, bitter
physical Appearance Robust, muscular duck with thick eyebrows and a beard
Species god duck
family Storkules (son)
friends Selene
Enemies Scrooge McDuck

Zeus is a character in the DuckTales reboot. He is the Greek god of lightning with a vendetta against Scrooge McDuck.


Zeus was the ruler of Ithaquack and the Greek pantheon. He cherished the praise he was given to by the mortals. One day, Ithaquack was visited by the McDucks years ago, and Zeus invited them to the island's festivities. However, Scrooge McDuck was good at almost every game he was challenged against, and beat Zeus every time. When the mortals started praising the McDucks for their entertainment, Zeus banished the McDucks. He also brought forth thunderstorms to cast out the other gods and mortals of the island when they complained against Zeus for banishing Scrooge.

Role in the series

In the episode "The Spear of Selene!," when the McDucks crash land onto Ithaquack once again, Zeus confronts Scrooge; not wanting any trouble, Scrooge convinces him to let the McDucks stay for a while to enjoy the island. Zeus agrees at first, but later proposes a competition to liven up the place, trapping the McDucks in to force them to play. Choosing his son Storkules to represent the Greek Gods, Zeus challenges the McDucks to a series of trials. In a twist of irony however, Donald Duck and Scrooge's grand-nephews Huey and Louie still win every round, increasing Zeus' anger.

In the final round, Zeus challenges them to get the Golden fleece off a little girl names Ligeia. Storkules' nobility impedes him from doing so, prompting Zeus to have Ligeia (who is a siren) sing a song to control Storkules and has him target Scrooge's nephews. During the fight, Louie convinces Ligeia to give him the fleece, and Storkules rejoices in getting freed from the mind control. Seeing the impact their feud has on their relatives, Scrooge asks Zeus to let bygones be bygones; however, Zeus still demands one victory. To Scrooge's disgruntlement, he agrees to have one more round with Zeus - a ball-throwing competition- which he purposefully loses. Zeus is thrilled and boasts about his victory until Dewey accidentally drops a sphere that knocks Zeus' ball out, incurring Zeus' wrath. The McDucks quickly leave as the thunder god summons a storm after them.


  • Zeus was initially proposed to be a swan for the show as a reference to the myth Leda and the Swan but the idea was turned down.
  • Zeus has elements based on the Disney versions of the same god - Jupiter from Trombone Trouble and Zeusfrom Hercules.


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