Super Daisy
Background Info
tv shows
Video games
Voice actor/actress
Personal info
Full name Daisy Duck
physical Appearance Daisy Duck in a red dress, cat-eye glasses and blue cape
Species duck
family April, May and June
friends Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Goofy Goof, Mickey Mouse, Scrooge McDuck
Enemies Pete

Super Daisy is Daisy Duck's superheroine alter-ego.


Super Daisy has been featured in Italian Disney comics since the early 70s. She was created by Guido Martina and Giorgio Cavazzano as a female counterpart of The Duck Avenger.

Super Daisy made her debut in "Paperinika and Ariadne's thread" (1973). In the comic, Uncle Scrooge calls Donald to the Money Bin to receive a top-secret assignment, but refuses to reveal the task while Daisy is present, belittling her for being a woman. Angry and repulsed by Uncle Scrooge's remark, Daisy recounts the story to Genialina Edy Son, who proposes that Daisy become the masked champion of the fairer sex.

Super Daisy has no superpowers, but is aided by the gadgets created by Genialina Edy Son, a protege of Gyro Gearloose.

Other Appearances

In Club of Heroes (Comic - 1986), Super Daisy was joined by the Club of Heroes members, led by Chief O'Hara in the brazilian comic "Um Sócio Na Vila Xurupita".

In Ultraheroes (Comic - 2010), Super Daisy, was appeared in the mission for super heroes in the Italian Comic, including by Eega Beeva to defeat the Bad-7 and save the world.

The mobile game The Duckforce Rises, the Super Daisy is back, and the based on Disney Duck Universe Comics, just appeared in the unlockable character playable, must defeat a Magica de Spell and the save the Duckburg.


  • Super Daisy was originally disliked by fans due to being portrayed as a "Straw Feminist" despite being intended to be in the right. Besides, her rivalry with the Duck Avenger caused some subversions to the Duck Avenger's premise to have Donald as the winner. While keeping part of her original characterization in Ultraheroes, she got a more balanced personality and became more likable to the readers.


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