Background Info
movies A Goofy Movie
tv shows House of Mouse
Video games
Voice actor/actress Kellie Martin
Grey Delisle
Personal info
Full name
Personality cute, sweet, shy, beautiful, attractive
physical Appearance shoulder-length red hair, fair skin, black nose
Species dog
family her father
friends Max Goof, Goofy Goof, Stacey, P.J., Bobby Zimuruski
Enemies Pete
Quote Hey Max!

Roxanne is the cute and sweet girlfriend of Max Goof. Much like her boyfriend, she appears shy and somewhat insecure. It is hinted in the movie that she has had a crush on Max for quite a while. Despite Max's fear that she would be embarrassed by his father, she actually likes Goofy quite a bit.


She first appeared in the 1995 feature film A Goofy Movie, and then later in House of Mouse. She has also made some appearances in various different Disney comic books, including, a cameo in a Darkwing Duck comic in 2011.



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