Millie and Melody Mouse
Millie and Melody Mouse
Background Info
movies Mickey's Christmas Carol
tv shows Minnie's Bow-Toons, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Video games
Voice actor/actress Avalon Robbins, Grace Kaufman
Personal info
Full name
Personality sweet and mischievous
physical Appearance
family Minnie Mouse (aunt)

Mickey Mouse (uncle off-screen)

friends Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse

Millie and Melody are the twin nieces of Minnie Mouse and the counterparts of Morty and Ferdie. They were first introduced in comics back in the early 1960's. Recently they have been appearing regularly on the television program Minnie's Bow-Toons.


Minnie has had an inconsistent list of nieces. In Europe and Brazil, most often a single niece is depicted, even consistently named Melodia (Melody). She is a Disney Studio creation by Jim Fletcher in the mid-sixties whose primary "task" seems to be to drive Morty and Ferdie crazy.

However, in at least one other Brazilian tale Minnie did have another niece named Zizi (whether this was the name of Melody's twin or just another name for Melody is unknown). However, in America, Minnie has had a couple sets of twin nieces as portrayed by Paul Murry, named both Melody & Melinda and Pammy & Tammy (these could very easily be the same twins, but Paul Murry and his writer forgot they had already named them in a previous tale). There is also one more set of twin nieces who appear on occasion named Lily & Tiny, though these two are distinctly much older than Melody (and Melinda), often used as teenage foils for Minnie. These teenage nieces have yet to appear in comics printed in the USA.

It is reported that another name is attributed in American comics giving Minnie's single niece the name of Molly. Another set of nieces appear in an early Mickey Mouse book from the 1940s as triplets calling themselves "Dolly, Polly & Molly," while a lone niece attributed to Mickey appears in the cartoon "Gulliver Mickey" (1934) named "Maisie" (listed in Mickey Mouse: His Life and Times (Harper & Row, 1986).



  • The Late, Late Show (1962)
  • Mickey's Close Call (1963)
  • Girl Scout Leader (1964)
  • Alone At Last (1982)
  • Worthwhile Pastimes (1982)
  • Minni e l'ombrello di Mary Poppins (1996)
  • The Stolen Ring (2011)
  • Easter Crime (2013)
  • Summer Camp (2013)





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