Background Info
tv shows DuckTales (2017)
Video games
Voice actor/actress Kimiko Glenn
Personal info
Full name
Personality edgy, laidback
physical Appearance Slender, female, teenage, duck, wears a black/grey stirped shirt and has a touch of pink in her hair
Species duck
family Magica De Spell (aunt/creator)
friends Webby Vanderquack
Huey Dewey and Louie
Scrooge McDuck
Mrs. Beakley
Launchpad McQuack
Donald Duck
Violet Sabrewing
Enemies Magica De Spell, Violet Sabrewing (formerly)
Quote Family is supposed to help you, not hold you hostage

Lena is a supporting character in the DuckTales reboot .


Lena is the niece of Magica De Spell, who forced to do her aunt's bidding. She has yet to make an appearance outside media associated with DuckTales .


Lena is an edgey, goth teenager and greatly admired by Webby. As mentioned above she is the neice of Magica. At first she seemed to be helping her aunt get to Scrooge's number one dime, by pretending to be friends with Webby, but it is revealed later that she actually has developed a fondness for her.

In the season one finale, the ducklings discovers that she was actually a shadow created by Magica to get revenge on Scrooge and free herself. During the final battle, Lena's able to strike back at Magica, but ends up sacrificing herself to protect Webby. Unbeknownst to everyone, however, she now exists as a manifestation of Webby's shadow due to the friendship bracelet the latter wears.


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