Horace Horsecollar
Background Info
tv shows
Video games
Voice actor/actress Walt Disney (1930)
Billy Bletcher (1933)
Pinto Colvig (1934-1942)
Bill Farmer (1990-Present)
Personal info
Full name
Personality Sweet, joyful, kind, cheerful, goofy, friendly, prideful, gentle
physical Appearance Tall and slender black horse, cream face, crimson bowler hat with a black band, blue overalls with gold buttons, red long-sleeved shirt, green bowtie, brown horsecollar with each gold sphere on each handle, white gloves, ocher shoes
Species horse
family Pa Horsecollar (father)
friends Mickey Mouse
Donald Duck
Goofy Goof
Clarabelle Cow
Enemies Pete
Quote All the rain forests are being chopped down, nobody votes anymore and the Internet's too dang slow!

Horace Horsecollar is an anthropomorphic cartoon horse. He is close friends with Mickey Mouse, and has been in several Disney shorts.


Characterized as a cheerful know-it-all, Horace helped Mickey on his sleuthing expeditions in the comics before Goofy assumed that role. Horace most commonly appears as a funny animal, although a common gag in his early appearances was his ability to change at will from being a regular horse to a more human-like character.

Horace first appeared as Mickey's plow horse in the cartoon "The Plow Boy" in 1929. He next appeared later that same year, in The Jazz Fool, and after that he became a regular member of the Disney supporting cast, along with Clarabelle Cow, Clara Cluck, and others even more minor. In recent years, Horace has more commonly appeared in Mickey Mouse Works and Disney's House of Mouse


Despite having a big ego and a temper, Horace is really kind hearted and a good person. He enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with his friend Mickey.



  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    • (Cameo)

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