Dim-Witty Duck, as his name indicates, is not very bright. In fact, he is very much a duck version of Goofy. An occasional sidekick of Donald Duck's, his role seemed to mirror that of Goofy to Mickey. Later he signed on as Moby Duck's ship hand, serving pretty much the same Goofy-like role. It is unclear whether he is a member of the extended Duck Family. He made his first comic appearance in the comic story "The Vanishing Banister" (Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #330, March 1968). Unlike Moby Duck, he has not made an animated appearance on film or TV.



  1. Oh Disappearing Island (1968)
  2. The Sahariduni Sand Mystery (1978)

Other Comics

  • In Uncle Scrooge from Boom! Studios, Dimwitty accidentally sets fire to DA's house trying to fix it in the comic The Fix-it-fiasco (1968), they're also, Dimwitty find the clues in the comic Clipper Ship Caper (1983).
  • In Zé Carioca from Abril Brazilian Comics Books, Dimwitty and Moby Duck was makes apparances in the page issues titled Toda Sujeira Será Castigada in Brazilian Language, but also known as A Tidy Rescue (1991).
  • In Darkwing Duck from Boom! Studios, Dimwitty makes cameo in the comic titled Dangerous Currency (2011)


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