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Full name
physical Appearance female chipmunk
Species chipmunk
friends Chip 'n' Dale

Chi-Chi is a love interest of Chip 'n' Dale in the comics.


  • Noisy Neighbors (1957)
  • Buddy Battle (1958)
  • Falling in Love (1959)
  • The Lucky Chipmunk (1959)
  • Fair Play (1960)
  • Romantic Antics (1960)
  • Chipmunk Lib (1976)
  • The Talent Scouts (1976)
  • Gypsy Joe (1976)
  • Sadie's Vacation (1976)
  • River Rescue (1977)
  • Baby Sitting (1977)
  • Woodsy Heroes (1979)
  • Cip & Ciop e la palla (1990)
  • Cip & Ciop e il nascondino (1991)
  • La stella di Ciop (1991)
  • Cip & Ciop e la torta a sorpresa (1993)
  • Cip & Ciop e il gomitolo smarrito (1993)
  • Cip & Ciop bravi aiutanti (1993)
  • Cippino e il regalo profumato (2010)
  • Cippino Ciclamino e la collezione speciale (2010)
  • Cip e Ciop giornalisti tuttofare (2010)
  • Cippino, Ciclamino e il rifugio (poco) segreto (2010)
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